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Haverford College
Mount Sinai

I grew up in Western Pennsylvania and first came to the Philly area to attend Haverford College, where I studied physics and chemistry. While at Haverford I developed as a scientist, but also discovered that I wanted a more direct role helping people. I continued my education in the combined MD-PhD program at Mount Sinai, where I completed my PhD in microbiology, studying how the immune system responds to neuroinvasive viruses. I came to Penn to combine my research interests with my clinical interests, including children with comorbid psychiatric and complex medical illnesses, psychosis, and the schizophrenia prodrome. Research wise I remain interested in learning how immune-brain interactions contribute to and predict disease outcomes. Outside of the clinic and lab, I’m still a kid at heart and can often be found reading the nerdiest sci-fi/fantasy books I can get ahold of as well as playing with or obsessively talking about my cats!

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