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Undergraduate Researcher


Monmouth University

Christina Ly is a third-year majoring in Cognitive Science (concentrating in Cognitive Neuroscience) and minoring in Asian American Studies and Psychology. She is a Southwest Philly native who, starting in high school, became an organizer with VietLead, a Southeast Asian grassroots community organization. She was heavily involved with working alongside Philly youth learning about the AAPI identity and advocating against issues like school underfunding, gentrification, and deportation.


Christina’s awareness of social issues and work with youth in her city has fueled her interest in researching the development of children and adolescents. She acknowledges the crucial significance of studying how unresolved issues in early life impact brain development and shape future experiences. Dedicated to integrating social justice advocacy with research in the lab, Christina aims to contribute to the implementation of interventions, especially in settings primarily composed of BIPOC, AAPI, and marginalized groups. By utilizing lab findings, she

hopes to offer these real stories and evidence to stakeholders for informed decision-making.


Christina is committed to bridging gaps and making effective and meaningful impacts to improve the lives of children and adolescents–ultimately our future and healing world. Outside of BarziLab, Christina is a Co-Chair of Asian Students Promoting Identity, Reflection, and Education (ASPIRE) and a Community Organizer at VietLead. In her free time, she likes to listen/make music, powerlift, and do anything arts & crafts!

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