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Graduate Student Researcher

Monmouth University

Areebah graduated from Monmouth University with a BS in health studies and a minor in chemistry in 2019. At Monmouth, she was involved with multiple different campus groups such as model UN and the dental club, as well as a member of the Eta Sigma Gamma Health and Physical Education Honors Society. She was also a part of a research team in the Department of Chemistry, where she conducted research studying the potential of acidolysis products of rhenium-(1)-alkyl carbonate complexes to treat and inhibit inflammation in cancers of the breast and oral cavity. During her time as an undergraduate student, Areebah also sought a variety of clinical exposures in both medicine and dentistry. At the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Areebah served as an intern in the Child Life Department, observing children with behavioral, emotional, and social needs that significantly impacted their ability to learn and participate constructively in their school, home, or community. Following her interest in working with children, Areebah also became a mentor for the Big Brothers Big Sisters Mentoring Program, where she provided children facing adversity with a strong, professional relationship to serve as a role model and impact the trajectory of their lives.


Areebah became involved with the BarziLab in March of 2021, where she has assisted with the Exposome study – a large-scale data analysis project aiming to quantify the effects of one’s unique environmental exposures on their mental and physical wellbeing. Now, Areebah has begun to work on her own project, which will study the unique experiences of non-US-born children and their impacts on childhood suicidality. In the future, Areebah plans to pursue a career in dentistry, hoping to continue investigating mental health in different fields of healthcare. When not working or studying for her dental exam, Areebah runs her own baking business known as Bakers Table Mullica Hill. 

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